Graphic design

Graphic design is the creation of visual content using images, text and layout to convey messages or ideas in an attractive way. It involves arranging design elements to make information clear and evoke specific feelings. Graphic designers use a variety of tools to create attractive and effective designs for advertisements and websites.

Why do you need graphic design?


Graphic design helps create and maintain the visual identity of a company or brand. A well-designed logo, color scheme and typography create recognition and differentiation from competitors.


Graphic design allows products or services to stand out from other offers on the market. A unique, thoughtful design is able to attract attention and create a difference, which is especially important in highly competitive conditions.


Well-crafted graphic design is a critical success factor in marketing and advertising. Attractive advertisements, banners and other visual materials attract attention and promote the sale of products or services.

User experience (UX)

Web and app design affects the user experience. A well-designed interface based on graphic design promotes user comfort and successful interaction with a digital product or service.

What we offer?

How are design materials created?

What is needed?

The client tells about what is needed and what he wants to see in the design materials. At this stage, it is important to specify the size, format, colors, desired illustration or text content, and other important aspects for the project.

Design concept preparation

This stage is like a starting point to visually show the client possible directions. Design concepts are prepared and mood boards are created, which include various visual elements that could serve as inspiration (colors, textures, fonts, etc.).

Choice and agreement

Once the client is satisfied and has an idea of ​​the initial concepts, we begin to develop a detailed design that includes all the necessary elements and instructions for colors, fonts, sizes, etc. At this stage, the client has the opportunity to make adjustments and participate in the development of more detailed solutions.


The developed designs are sent to the customer. The customer has the opportunity to provide feedback and agree on possible corrections or adjustments.

Delivery of designs to the customer

After the client's approval, we prepare the final design, including any corrections requested by the client. The client is provided with all necessary files to be able to use them in various formats (digital and printed).

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