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We specialize in the development of websites and online stores, alongside offering top-notch graphic design services.



The website is a digital tool that can significantly enhance your interaction with customers and provide access to information worldwide. It is necessary for companies to present their products/services and provide important information about themselves.

Graphic design is the creation of visual content using images, text and layout to convey messages or ideas in an attractive way. It involves arranging design elements to make information clear and evoke specific feelings. Graphic designers use a variety of tools to create attractive and effective designs for advertisements and websites.

An online store is essential for those want to offer their products or services online, providing customers with the opportunity to make purchases 24/7. It's also beneficial for those looking to expand their customer base and reach by selling products in global market. Additionally, an online store enables effective tracking of customer buying patterns, analyzing customer behavior, and adapting offerings according to market demands.


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Our clients

Elija KrauzeRakši Zoo
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Our company has established a long-term cooperation with SIA Excly. Excly has participated in the development of two websites related to our company, as well as in the creation of an online store. It is important for us that the main idea is quickly perceived and solutions are suggested, how it can be implemented more effectively. Taking into account the fast pace of life, it is always important for us to perform work as quickly as possible, and SIA Excly has always been able to provide this. The basic work values ​​of SIA Excly are competence, compliance with deadlines and full involvement in the project.
Kristiāns GrundštoksPolyLabs
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We worked with SIA Excly to transfer our website to another platform while modernizing it. We are very satisfied and we still work together on a daily basis in website updates, design solutions for both the website and marketing activities on Linkedin, as well as in the design of printed materials. The work is always done quickly, in perfect quality, and the mutual communication during the work is very good. The company shows initiative in introducing various solutions and improving our overall image.
Rudīte VanadziņaCēsu pilsētas Sporta skola
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Many thanks to the company SIA Excly for the excellent cooperation in connection with the development of the website of Cesu pilsetas Sporta skola. The created website exceeded our expectations in all aspects, reflecting the nature and values ​​of Cesu pilsetas Sporta skola. Their professionalism, dedication and attention to detail has been excellent throughout the project. Thanks again for the excellent work.